Middle Earth Holidays

Middle Earth Holidays.

I cannot stress enough how much I love this blog. I actually missed this post when it was posted due to a weird email on my phone issue (I do most of my computing and blogging from a Droid 2 which is a great phone for blogging with its awesome qwerty keyboard). But I see the light now.

About Jeff McElroy

After serving for four years as a Power Ranger, Jeff McElroy left the service to pursue a career in the arts. Paintings of cats and unicorns taking naps together earned him international fame and a ridiculous financial nest egg. Retiring at the early age of 23, he spent the next forty years living on the shore of Lake Huron. Mr. McElroy burned through his monumental monetary cache and needed to return to work. This time around, he has decided to pursue writing as a career, which is why he has invested his time and money in the blog you are currently reading.
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2 Responses to Middle Earth Holidays

  1. ethelthedean says:

    Hey Versi! (Is it cool that I call you this? P.S. What does your name mean?) Ive also nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award – List seven interesting facts about you and nominate 7 other Bloggers to accept!

    • I just saw your post and am honoured that you would nominate me (though I am sure this is simply due to our shared love of Anne Rice and our shared crush on Mr. Stephen Tiberius Colbert). Thank you so much (I guess I’ll have to start posting on that blog more often)! Hopefully it will be ok if I double nominate you; I loved reading all of the backlog of your blog last week. You can call me whatever you like; versipellus is a three thousand year old Latin word for werewolf and Fenris is the Norse god of destruction who breaks his chains at Ragnarok to eat as many Aesir as he can and end the world (this will probably happen in 2013 if the Mayan calendar or the next rapture scare fail to happen). I wanted an email address a few years ago that incorporated Fenris and hate using numbers in screennames so I just threw a little Latin in (I was also reading Mike Carey’s Lucifer at the time in which Fenris plays a major role, at the end of course, and he looks like a werewolf in the book so it fit for me).

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