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Thai Times

Thai Times. My little brother is in Thailand right now; currently traveling while on his “summer break” from teaching English. I miss him greatly, he spends a lot of time at my house when he is home and is basically … Continue reading

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Fine Art(ist)

A friend of mine does really great paintings of predominantly fantasy-related works. A lot of the stuff at her website is of original characters she is working on; and some is stuff she has worked on professionally for other … Continue reading

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Writing Fiction

In my last post, Things Remembered Before Death, I had posted a brief short story set in a fictional world that I am creating. I made a slight tweak, my editor from suggested that the people from Wingard, known … Continue reading

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Things Remembered Before Death

The captain, a mac Cargan, was shouting again. Something about how every Wingard man was worth five Tambrians. Urian laughed to himself quietly. They were standing on the lines, nearly five hundred Wingard footmen and fifty Wingard horse against about … Continue reading

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Unnecessary Words

In case you’re not already aware, most of my posts are for the blog Unnecessary Words. Its a blog about a little of everything and a lot of nothing. We would love for you to check it out. Posts of … Continue reading

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Philipp Igumnov

Philipp Igumnov. A really cool post from a blog I like. I love the absurd, so these images were right up my alley. I had seen some before but never knew who created the pieces. Enjoy!

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Worldbuilding Part 2

I am currently working on a short story about two brothers on the front line about to charge into battle. It is set in a somewhat nondescript setting and time (though certainly prior to the common use of gunpowder in … Continue reading

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